How to add or host a resource

We would like BiotechCareer.Org's resources section to have the best resources that are well maintained and upto date. In order to do that we need your help. It is impossible for us ( a small team ), despite our best efforts to keep hundreds of software's upto date on our own. So we have made a resources section that allows publishers or users to list and maintain softwares, ebooks, journals, lectures and other biotech related resources easily.

Please see to the attached video on how easy it is to get started on hosting your resources.

Did we say that before? Our resources section is completely free for all the free resources. We don't allow paid resources to be listed here.

Resource section feature list

Quickfire feature list
  1. Host or Add eBooks, journals, software's, presentations, word documents, lecture notes and videos.
  2. Resource can be updated and version history is added automatically with each update.
  3. Resource update history.
  4. Old files are archived and still available for download.
  5. Code be listed in GeSHi Syntax.
  6. Resource can be reassigned or transferred to new developer or publisher.
  7. Team can assign members to maintain resource and discussion.
  8. Real time user feedback through ratings & reviews.
  9. Developers/ Publishers can interact with users through discussion thread.
  10. It's free to use.
  11. Paid resources are not allowed.

How do I suggest new resources?

No need for suggestion or permission. Upload resource that you think might be useful for the community and we will moderate them for you.

If you are unable to create resources then you might belong to a user group that don't have permission.Please read the membership status & permissions page to know more.

I can't post any resources?


I don't see the resources I posted ?

All the resource are moderated by our moderator team to ensure quality and requires approval. Approval will not take longer than 24 hours and you will see your posts appear once approved
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