How to choose a username

Online social media is increasingly becoming anonymous and that leads to its own set of problems. In order to avoid that and also to make the website transparent for everyone we only allow username's that are actual names.

Follow these instructions to username format and you will be alright
  • You cannot use random numbers or symbols.
  • You are requested to use your real name for improving your profiles ex: john
  • If your name is unavailable to be used as an username as it been already used by another member.Try having both your first and last name together as your username. ex: JohnSmith
  • If you are still having trouble then you can have your first and last name separated with either a . (Dot) or _ (Underscore). ex: John.Smith or John_Smith
  • If even that didn't work try using . or _ and vary the last string.

That should cover all the probabilities and make your username look more professional.

Usernames that are chosen during the registration are final and cannot be changed.
Aug 3, 2013
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