How to become a contributor at BiotechCareer.Org

First off, Thank you for being part of BiotechCareer.Org and wanting to share your knowledge with others.We are already working with a exciting group of biotechnologists and freelance writers and would love you to join them. We do understand the spectrum of writers in huge and we welcome articles from long-time professionals to beginners.
What we’re looking for:
  1. Biotechnology as a field is so diverse, which means plenty of opportunity for you to pitch us a story.It doesn't matter where your expertise lies just grab your laptop and start working on your next article to be featured around here.
  2. We look for articles that has good narration but at the same time precise. No one wants to read 2000 words to get the picture.
  3. We need articles based on facts and if you are taking excerpts from some journals or papers reference it in your articles.
  4. We would also love on biotechnology having a impact on the life's of real people not just lab version of it. How does a biologically engineered suit work in real world? Even-though a biological suit is a technological element of this article our focus is on the human impact that such a suit can create.This gives everyone a better understanding of the technology.
What we’re not looking for
  1. We are not looking for press releases either personal or experiential.Some exceptions can be made if the press release is from universities or colleges.
  2. We are not looking for interviews.
  3. We are not looking for off the topic or viral content. We respect our audiences time.
What to send us
If you think you have great content that fits the bill, We welcome you to send an email or use the contact us form

Email Subject : Article Feature by (Your Username) date:1/1/2013

Emails body : Please make sure you add answers to these questions

  1. What is your field of expertise?
  2. What is your full name?
  3. What is the article about?
  4. Is your article content time bound (ex:news & events etc..) ?
  5. What is your source ?
Add two paragraphs from your article to the email. When you’re ready, use our contact us form.

We respect everyone's time and will get back to every email we get within 1-2 days, but it may take longer if have some technical issues. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to working with you!

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Where is the terms and regulations?


Does this website use cookies?

Yes, we do use cookies and you can read about our policy here

How to format my content better?

A text editor with a following features are available for all the members to format their content.For detailed information on formatting. See the BBCodes help section

  1. All the basic text highlighting features such Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough.
  2. You further enhance your content with Text Color, Text Size and Font Family
  3. If you need to add reference from other websites you can use the Add Links
  4. Ordered and unordered lists to keep your content concise and readable.
  5. Usually indenting an list makes it look better and you do it through the left and right indent button
  6. Smilies are tiny images that can be inserted into your content to express emotions:).
  7. Images make any content special and you can upload it directly or link images from other websites.
  8. Media button is the most powerful option in your text editor. You can share videos, tweets and even your kick-starter campaign with it.
  9. There are occasions when you need special texts styling and you can either use Quotes or Code depending on the information you are sharing.

What are the general etiquette rules in being part of this community

  1. Respect fellow members.Remember they are sharing their knowledge for free and they don't owe you anything.
  2. Interact normally as you would in real world. Just because you are on the internet doesn't mean you have to change.
  3. Don't start posting topics immediately, read through the older topics to know the kind of discussions.
  4. Always search to see whether someone else has started similar thread before your start your own.
  5. Wait for the member to respond before you go ballistic on a thread, again they owe your nothing and probably has a life outside these community.
  6. Use proper English.
  7. Never type your entire message in CAPS.
  8. Try to put quality of your response on any topic as your priority.It will not only improve the community but also your knowledge and reputation.
  9. Only upload materials that are not obscene.
  10. Never deviate from the topic of discussion. You have personal conversations for a reason use it.
  11. "Thank You" or "I Like This" or any other one liners have no purpose. If you like the content just use the like button to say thank your for the author.
  12. Respect me :) because I love you guys.I am working as hard as ever to keep this as the premier resource for our biotech community and I need your help.
  13. Respect moderators. Breaking up flame wars or cleaning up trash is not easy and all they get in response is a tirade.
  14. If you have read so far, I am sure you will have enough etiquette to be part of any online community.
Here is a quick video of the same.

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